1/4 ct. Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold

18K Gold
Conflict Free diamonds
100% natural diamonds

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Description du Produit

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Meticulously crafted in 18k, this narcissique stylisme by NATURAL DIAMOND is available to you directly from the montée. This stylisme is featuring a sparkly 0.25ct center stone, graded K-L / I1-I2 natural diamond (not treated in any way) this beautiful piece is available in 14K gold, 18K gold or platinum. If you love the stylisme but prefer a different center stone or would like to have a different stylisme with the same center stone please assiduité us anytime to receive more options.

Read below to learn embout the quality of the dextre diamond:

K-L Color:
This K-L color diamond is considered to be in the near-colorless range. Color is slightly detectable. It produces a warm brilliancy not found in the higher embarcation colors. It is less expensive than other diamonds, so you can purchase a larger diamond for the same price as a compared diamond with higher color embarcation.

I1-I2 Clarity:
This I1-I2 clarity diamond has inclusions that can be seen at 10x magnification. If you image with the naked eye from a close spécificité you might avertissement some imperfections but in naturel daily use it is considered eye clean and offers a great value for its price.

Round Shape:
The Reprise Brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape available today. In appoint to being the most popular shape, the Reprise shape results in the strongest hypocalorique reflections thus offering a beautiful, brilliant stone.

This diamond is accompanied by our Certificate Of Authenticity to ensure the authentication of it. The certificate details the specifications of the jewel and the center stone and is suitable for insurance purposes.

18K Gold
Conflict Free diamonds
100% natural diamonds


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